This new technological advance is already within our reach and with it, its popularity among the most important brands in the world and the demand for its contents rapidly grows.

We offer end-to-end production for your next VR project if it is going to be used as a presentation tool in your next showroom or as the highlight of your next marketing campaign. We create the story behind the experience, produce it, and provide all the necessary equipment to experience that virtual reality.

High Concept

• Creation of 3D Virtual Reality Software for Oculus or Htc vive, in which, through interfaces and buttons, the user can take a real-time tour of three-dimensional created scenarios

• Design of graphic menus for information, change of materials and interactions with objects in virtual reality

• The Software allows to see in an external screen the virtual reality that is being experienced in the lenses

• Integration of Environmental Audio and Voice-over if required.

• Development in 3D (Modeling, Texturing Next-Gen PBR, Integration in Unreal engine, Rigging & Skinning, Animation)
• Virtual reality programming in Unreal Engine. (Game mechanics, input controls, object interaction, real-time lighting)
The new era of the Virtual 3D experience. virtual reality 3d videogames oculus rift

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